Water spaces Ideas Competition

According to climate change projections, the Baltic Sea Region is facing more frequent and heavier rainfall. Concurrently, densification has become a common strategy to improve the sustainability of urban regions. Together, these two factors are predicted to increase the risk of urban flooding with serious economic, ecological and social consequences. Urban stormwater management has become a major climate adaptation issue for cities globally.

Therefore, Aalto University Department of Architecture and seven cities around the Baltic Sea arranged a student competition Water Spaces for innovative solutions in stormwater management during 27.11.2015–31.1.2016 in the framework of iWater.

The competition was open to the students of Aalto University, Estonian University of the Life Sciences, Latvia University of Agriculture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and University of Gävle.

Opening seminar took place on 27 November 2015 in the premises of the Aalto University.


Please see the lecture by Dirk van Peijpe (De Urbanisten) on Vimeo (length 1:16:20).

How can we make our cities climate proof and more attractive