iWater project partners

Lead partner

City of Riga

Riga City Council, City Development Department
Work Package Leader 1: Management

Work Package Leader

Union of the Baltic Cities Sustainable Cities Commission

Work Package Leader 4: Capacity Building & Piloting Multifunctional Storm Water Solutions
Work Package Leader 5: Communications

City of Turku

City of Turku, Environmental Division
Work Package Leader 2: Integrated Storm Water Management

City of Helsinki

City of Helsinki, Environment Centre
Work Package Leader 3: Tools for Integrated Storm Water Planning

Associated partners

Municipality of Söderhamn

Municipality of Söderhamn, Municipal Committee Department

Municipality of Gävle

Municipality of Gävle, Management administration

City of Tartu

Tartu City Government, Department of Urban Planning, Land Survey and Use

City of Jelgava

Jelgava City Council, Development and City Planning Department

Aalto University

Department of Architecture