Integrated Storm Water Management

Climate change has led to more frequent and intense storm and rainfall events along with increased flooding, storm water runoff, and soil erosion. These are forcing planners and storm water specialists to develop strategies dealing with greater volume and velocity of storm water. At the same time, urban areas are densifying and land is more covered with sealed surfaces.

As the Baltic Sea region is estimated to face more frequent and heavier rainfalls, the current planning and management practices have proven to be weak in meeting these challenges. Thus, the project idea is to create higher quality, cleaner and safer urban environment and increase urban sustainability.


iWater team in Turku

iWater – Integrated Storm Water Management project took an important step forward during its 2nd international event that was held in the City of Turku on 28–29 September 2016.

iWater summer schools will be organized with the aim to produce innovative storm water management solutions for the iWater pilot sites. The summer schools will be organized by the Aalto University in close collaboration with local universities and partner cities, engaging university teachers, students and civil servants to jointly develop practical storm water solutions. The 5-day intensive studio courses will take place in Latvia (14–18 June), Sweden (27 June–1 July 2016), and Estonia (11–15 July 2016).

Summer School

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