Integrated Stormwater management toolbox

  • The toolbox introduces the most commonly used approaches and concrete tools for urban stormwater management.
  • The toolbox is especially aimed at landscape architects, architects, and urban planners and designers, including those interested in or working with the design, planning or management of urban water.
  • Its approach assumes the necessary integration of storm water management into urban planning and development processes at all levels.
  • Stormwater management is a resource rather than a problem, and can support positive ecological and social urban dynamics.
  • The toolbox will be updated and new tools added during the iWater project.

Urban resilience


Technical optimization


Day-to-Day values

Strategic Approaches



Planning support tools and programs


Design / Structural solutions







The tools introduced in the toolbox are organized in the table based on two systems. First of all, they are classified according to the level of detail and the context in which they are applied. These classes are indicated by the four different colours of the toolsheets. In addition, all the tools and approaches are organized under three point method. We suggest that at least one method or approach should be applied from each point to cover all the steps of integrated stormwater management.